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  • About Us

    Beautiful Materuni Village is the last village before entering the Kilimanjaro national park. Materuni Village is approximately 1,900m above sea level. We are a home to a breathtaking view of Kilimanjaro and unique vegetation. Materuni Village Cultural Tourism is one of the registered cultural tourism programmes with the Tanzania Tourist Board. We are proud of ourselves on providing our clients with a once in a lifetime experience of cultural tourism and immersion.

    This immersive experience begins with our Guides.We are known for working with the local people and all of our guides were born and raised in the Materuni Village area. MVCT also believes in preserving the natural environment of the village. All the ingredients for meals are organically grown in the Materuni village and our own "Home-Stay" garden. We believe in sharing our land with whom ever we host and our well-educated and professional tour guides understand the importance of customer care. You will be in good hands.

    Our Commitment to our community extends beyond our want to show tourists our lands. Our brand of tourism helps our Chaga people. We pay fair market prices for all goods used during our tours and 10% of all profit goes directly to our community foundation. Our foundation supports local clinics, pays for schooling, home rehabilitation, and buys food and other necessities for those most in need. the name of our Charity is called Tunajali Tanzania

    Apart from Materuni Village Tours/experiences which is Materuni waterfall coffee tour and hot lunch , We are also able to arrange different day tours such as Kilimanjaro Day Hike, Lake Challa visit, Marangu village experience, Bush walks near Moshi, Rau Forest visit, Kibosho old church visit, Old Moshi Cultural Tour, Moshi town tour, Kikuletwa hotsprings visit, Serval wildlife visit, Shira Kilimanjaro Day Hike and Maasai village visit near Moshi. Please contact us for a quote and Itinerary
    We're proud to provide our guests with an once in a lifetime experience of culture and nature.
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    Hot Spring

    Sneak Peek of the Peak / Kilimanjaro Day Hike

    Maasai Village Visit

    Marangu Village Experience

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  • Materuni Village Tour Options and Rates

    Please note:
    Overnights in the village can be arranged in combination with any tour option, Please note all prices are in USD 
    (Tips for guides are not included & are voluntary, in case you want to further support us).
     Day Tour -Full Day Tour / Half day Tour 
    Materuni Waterfall,  Coffee Tour  & Picnic Hot lunch 

    Our most

    popular tour package


    Experience local Materuni village life with a visit to our beautiful waterfall, coffee tour and the picnic Chagga hot lunch .


    When you arrive at the village office, you will meet our English speaking village guide who will welcome you to Materuni village and brief you.


    Then you will take a walk to the waterfall (approx. 40 minutes). On the way you will learn about the village economy, agriculture as well as cultural life and also the guide will explain the surrounding fauna and flora.


    Upon arrival at the 90m high waterfall, you'll be fascinated by this unique environment. Please bring swim-suit & towel as there is a beautiful place to take a dip and you are most welcome to enjoy the natural pool.


    When you are ready to continue, you will walk back to Mama Agnes home for local Chagga food lunch and our coffee experience


    The typical Chagga menu includes rice/pilau, local vegetables and many fruits from the village. For sure, we take care of special food requirements.


    You will also experience the traditional coffee processing technique and participate in the process of making organic Materuni coffee. Here you will also learn how to coffee is cultivated, dried and roasted. While you produce your own cup of coffee, you are invited to listen, dance and sing with the Chagga people - a fun way to immerse in the local culture.


    Finally, if you are interested in a demonstration of the banana beer making process or visiting a local school or typical Chagga house, we are more than happy to adjust our tour based on your personal preferences with no additional fee . You Just let us know and we will make it happen for you .




    Materuni Waterfall & Coffee Tour Price (per person)

    1. One Traveler: $75 
    2. Two-Person Group: $60 per person
    3. Three-Person Group: $50 per person
    4. Four-Person Group: $45 per person
    5. Five - Person Group: $40 per person
    6. Six  or More-Person Group: $35 per person

    Items included are as the following

    bottled water, entry fees for both the village and the waterfall, coffee tour, picnic hot lunch, banana beer, village guide, Chagga dance and the private transportation go and return from Moshi  


    The price with no private transport is 35 USD per person, more info please contact us on info@materuni.com or Whatsapp us via +255752191326

    Two Days
    Materuni Village Experience

    Our fun overnight

    stay at Mama Agnes Home


    Day 1:

    Enjoy our most popular package, the Full Day Materuni Waterfall & Coffee Tour.

    Extend that experience with overnight at Mama Agnes House and enjoy the view of the stunning Mount Kilimanjaro over dinner.


    Day 2:

    After breakfast, you'll start a guided hike (approximately 2 hours) enjoying the natural beautiful environment, walking beside local fields and enjoy a breathtaking view on the very top of our route close to the border of Klimanjaro Nationalpark. Afterwards you'll visit one of the local primary schools in Materuni village learn about the eduvation system of Tanzania, sing and dance with the school kids,

    Following the activities, walk back to the village for farewell celebration songs from the Materuni Traditional Dance Group.




    Materuni Waterfall, Coffee Tour, overnight & hike + school visit with private transportation (price per person)

    1. One Traveler: $110
    2. Two-Person Group: $90 per person
    3. Three-Person Group: $80 per person
    4. Four-Person Group: $75 per person
    5. Five or More-Person Group: $70 per person

    Materuni Waterfall, Coffee Tour, overnight & hike + school visit; with public transportation (per person)

    1. One Traveler: $90
    2. Two-Person Group: $88 per person
    3. Three-Person Group: $85 per person
    4. Four-Person Group: $80 per person
    5. Five -Person Group: $75 per person
    6. Six or More person Group $65  per person 

    Items Included are as following

    bottled water, transportation go and return from Moshi, overnight stay at Mama Agnes Home, all meals, coffee experience, Chagga dance, local banana beer, village guides, and entry fees for both the village and the waterfall


    Please bring swimwear, appropriate footwear, towels and outdoor wear.


    Also let us know about any food allergies or sensitivities you might have.


    Feel free to email / whatsapp us via info@materuni.com and the Whatsapp number is +255752191326


    Tanzanian Food


    Learn how to cook traditional Tanzanian dishes


    As an add on service to any tour at Materuni village, we offer a traditional Chagga cooking class.


    This cooking class is relaxed - Hakuna Matata! Not only will you get to enjoy and taste the local cuisine, but you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the lifestyles of many villagers in Materuni in a hands-on way.


    Accompanied by our village mamas you will go to the farm to source your fresh ingredients, cook dishes by following step by step recipes, and enjoy a lesson on how to serve these traditional dishes.


    In our cooking class, you will learn how to cook traditional Chagga food, including Machalari (banana foods), kiburu, kitawa, pilau, ngande, and kitalolo.


    You will also get the opportunity to make Ugali. Ugali is Tanzania's most known dish, made with cassava flour, cornmeal, and millet or sorghum meal. Ugali is served with meat or fish stew, vegetables, or some beans.


    All our customers will be given the recipes to bring home so you can share them with loved ones.


    Our guides will be there throughout the cooking class to assist and answer any questions you may have.


    Come and join us for an unforgettable and fun cooking experience!



    1. Per Person: $15 
    Please be aware that any wheat, corn, or nut allergies/sensitivities may prevent you from participating in this experience.
    Transportation depends on the combination of tours. Please contact us directly via info@materuni.com or via the contact form below. We are happy to provide you with a personalized offer.
  • Please note:
    All prices are in USD .
    Tips for team are not included & are voluntary, kindly ask for the tip box so as the tip can be shared to the whole crew in service, as others are working behind the screen and we value them as well



    Hot Spring by Public Transport

    Spend a day in paradise with us


    Our experienced guide will meet you at “Union Café”, Moshi or any other agreed meeting point. Together you’ll enter the local bus (Daladala) at the central bus station. The ride to Boman’gombe will take 30-45 minutes and is a most authentic experience you don’t want to miss. When you get out the bus, your guide will immediately find a TukTuk which will bring you directly to the hot spring, that is ~18km away. This ride will take you partly over bumpy slopes and dried river beds, baobab trees as well as small villages accompany you on your way.

    If you prefer to have a private transfer instead, we are happy to pick you directly from your hotel in the morning after breakfast and you’ll enjoy the ~1 hour ride in our tour-cars (additional fee applies; please contact us directly).


    The hot springs of Kikuletwa, also known as Chemka Hot Springs, are close to the village of Rundugai and are one of the most beautiful places in Tanzania to relax. The small pond is surrounded by palm and fig trees with winding roots. Often in the morning there are not many visitors and you can enjoy the crystal clear, turquoise water which invites you to a refreshing bath, so bring your bathing suit. Although they are called hot springs, the water in Kikuletwa is not truly ‘hot’ but refreshing, as the water source is fed by Kilimanjaro itself. Practice your water entry techniques using the rope swing or just relax in one of the swimming-rings. It’s a unique experience, which kind you don’t expect in Tanzania.


    Your day at hot spring will definitely round up your stay and provides you with another view on the variety of this country.

    Enjoy a wonderful day in just the way you want, in the sun dozing, chatting with the locals at the small bar, or swimming - you determine the course of this day. At noon we will have a picnic lunch, and in the late afternoon we return relaxed to Moshi.




    Kikuletwa Hot Springs by public transport (per person)

    1. One Traveler: $65
    2. Two-Person Group: $45 per person
    3. Three-Person Group: $38 per person
    4. Four-Person Group: $36 per person
    5. Five or More-Person Group: $35 per person

    All guides speak English | includes bottled water, public transportation, picnic lunch, and entry fees.


    For private transfer price, please contact us directly via the contact form below. We are happy to provide you with a personalized offer.

    Sneak Peek of the Peak / Kilimanjaro Day Hike

    Experience Kilimanjaro in a day


    Majestic Mount Kilimanjaro is the awe-inspiring landmark of Tanzania, but you don’t need to climb it to experience its full beauty and the captivating terrain that surrounds it.


    Our Sneak Peek of the Peak Hike is a Kilimanjaro day trip that allows you to scramble up the first leg of the famed Marangu Route, through the rainforest alive with birdlife chattering and curious blue monkeys. Watch out for a colobus or two!



    You will be picked up in the morning at your hotel in Moshi / Arusha and taken to the Kilimanjaro National Park Gate (Marangu Gate, 1860m). The drive will take approximately 1 hour. Once the necessary gate registration has been completed, your trek can begin and you will soon be hiking through the dense Kilimanjaro rainforest. Alongside the impressive vegetation, you will have the chance to catch a glimpse of black and white colobus monkeys, blue monkeys and various bird species. Our knowledgeable English-speaking guide will inform you about Kilimanjaro and will explain the different species of plants and animals you will see. You will also meet mountain climbers descending from the top, and perhaps some of them will tell you of their experiences and you can start to dream about a climb of your own! After a 3-4 hour hike, you will reach Mandara Hut (2700m), where you will have a well-earned rest and lunch. Your guide will then take you on a short hike (15 minutes walking distance) to the Maundi Crater, where you can enjoy wonderful views of Mount Kilimanjaro, Northern Tanzania and Kenya. Once you have thoroughly enjoyed the views, you will return to the Marangu Gate (2-3 hours walking distance), where your vehicle will be waiting for your transfer back to your hotel. On your return journey you can enjoy the sunset and the day‘s memories.


    Altitude gain: 1860m to 2700m

    Distance (one way): 8 km

    Hiking Time: 3-4 hours up / 2-3 hours down (Total time 5-7 hours)

    Habitat: Mountain Forest



      Sneak Peek of the Peak/ Kilimanjaro Day Hike (The price is per person)

      1. One Traveler: $225
      2. Two-Person Group: $185 per person
      3. Three-Person Group: $175 per person
      4. Four-Person Group: $155 per person
      5. Five or More-Person Group: $150 per person

      Essential Items Packing List:

      • Water and snacks
      • Hiking boots
      • Passport
      • Walking stick
      • Paper napkins or wipes
      • Sun protection like cream, hat, or UV shirt
      • Layered clothing
      • Refilling bottles 

      Items Included are English speaking guide, bottled water, transportation, lunchbox and entry fees.


      Maasai Village


      Enjoy your time at this authentic experience

      We would like to welcome you in the village called “Kambi ya Chooka”. This village was founded by local Maasai and, differing from others that were purely built for touristic purposes; the local people are really living there. For sure this guarantees a much more authentic experience for our clients and is a main reason why we selected it for our clients.


      We pick you up in the morning after breakfast and the ride will take you partly over bumpy slopes and dried river beds, baobab trees as well as small villages accompany you on your way.

      When we arrive at the village you’ll be welcomed by the local Maasai and introduced to your Maasai guide; still our guide will always accompany you in case you need support, to help with language issues or just for taking nice pictures while you interact with the Maasai, if you like.

      We’ll start with a walk through the village and will get useful information about the traditions in the meantime. After entering a typical house you’ll have the chance to dress like a Maasai for the further highlights of the tour: participating in a local Maasai dance – a unique experience which is lot of fun.

      While getting further explanation about Maasai houses & typical family structures, you’ll have the chance to see traditional jewelry, which is produced by the local ladies. Questions are always welcome. To find a great final for our local experience there will be an interesting demonstration by Maasai men making fire in very traditional way with only wood, hand skills and dry grass – you’re welcome to try it as well.

      Depending on the season you might also see the goats, which are kept within fences made out of thorn bushes near the houses and the men will take you on a quick walk to the water-area to see further sheep, goats & donkeys (subject to change based on weather conditions).

      Finally the huge sugar cane plantation, which we will see on our way back, is impressive.


      We’re very much looking forward to welcome you – karibu!



      For a full day experience you can combine this with our “Kikuletwa Hot Spring tour” (combination price upon request), which is situated in the nearby area.





      The Maasai Village Tour (per person)

      1. One Traveler: $130
      2. Two-Person Group: $90 per person
      3. Three-Person Group: $75 per person
      4. Four-Person Group: $70 per person
      5. Five or More-Person Group: $64 per person


      All guides speak English | includes bottled water, private transportation, picnic lunch and entry fees.


      Marangu Gate & Chagga Cave

      an fantastic trip between past and present of Kilimanjaro region

      We invite you to our tour between past and present of Kilimanjaro region: Visit Marangu & the Chagga Caves.


      We will pick you at your hotel in Moshi after breakfast and your experienced guide will welcome you to the first part of our tour: Kilimanjaro National Park Gate at Marangu (~ 1 hour drive).

      The Marangu gate is situated in the south-eastern foothills of Kilimanjaro and in the suburb of Marangu. It is ~ 1.870 m height and is the starting point of the Marangu route (nicknamed as “Coca-Cola Route”), which is the most popularized one and therefore - in difference to other gates – there are a lot of shops, restaurants and houses around. While we are exploring the place, you’ll see the preparations of mountain-guides, -porters and –tourists, your English speaking guide will give you some facts about Kilimanjaro, the routes and its history.

      Another location & preferred photo-spot nearby is the “Marangu evergreen valley”. It comes with a nice waterfall and natural pool which is situated along the 30 minutes-trail we use to cross the valley.

      You’ll be hungry after this activity and will enjoy your lunch at one of the local restaurants (please let us know any special food requirements & we’re happy to arrange accordingly).

      Filled with new energy we don’t want to miss culture & history, so we’ll go on a very short ride and meet a local guide at the Chagga village. While seated in a shadow area the guide will provide us with the fascinating story of Chagga during the wars with the Maasai about 200 years ago. Afterwards you’ll get a insight in tribal lives of the past while exploring the ancient Chagga caves; recognizing how clever they planned their refuge and furthermore visit some traditional Chagga houses – all time accompanied by our friendly local guide, who gives additional information and is happy to answer your questions.

      Once everyone is satisfied, maybe found a nice souvenir to remember in the shop and is ready to leave, we’ll bring you back to your hotel in Moshi.


      If you wish to extend this tour according to our optional add-ons, "Lake Chala Tour with Ndoro Waterfall" or "Explorer Bush Walk", please let us know. We are more than happy to adjust the tour based on your personal requirements.




      Marangu Gate & Chagga Cave (per person)

      1. One Traveler: $80
      2. Two-Person Group: $50 per person
      3. Three-Person Group: $40 per person
      4. Four-Person Group: $35 per person
      5. Five or More-Person Group: $30 per person


      All guides speak English | includes bottled water, transportation, lunch and entry fees.

      optional add-on / separate tour:

      Kibosho Church


      a touch of the past


      We welcome our guests to a 2 hour-tour to Kibosho Church. On our way to this interesting building, we can see Banana- & Avocado-Trees, as well as Elephant Ear plants from the car and your guide will provide you some information about our local agriculture and fauna. When we arrive, the church is in very short walking distance (max. 5 min.). It is one of the oldest Catholic Churches in our country and located at the foot of Kilimanjaro. The impressive structure composed entirely of stones is rare in Tanzania. The church was built by the Germans in 1893 and is surrounded by a nice little park area with shadow places that invite to take a short rest before or after visiting the magnificent building. On our way back you’ll see the hugest coffee farm in this region on both sides of the road and for sure our driver can stop if you wish to take a picture.



      • as add on: upon request, depend on other booked program


      • as separate tour: Kibosho Church (per person)
      1. One Traveler: $30
      2. Two-Person Group: $20 per person
      3. Three-Person Group: $15 per person
      4. Four-Person Group: $12 per person
      5. Five or More-Person Group: $10 per person

      All guides speak English | includes bottled water, transportation and donation to Kibosho Church.



      If you are looking for a fascinating, exclusive, and unparalleled experience then Serval Wildlife is for you! It is the wildlife haven tucked away in the Siha District of Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Come with us and explore the carefully curated ecosystem with over 3000 hand planted endemic flora that directly benefit the exquisite animals that reside within Serval Wildlife, whilst you enjoy the mesmerising views of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro

      Currently we are home to a variety of different animals such as the Majestic African Lions, Calm Colobus Monkeys, Graceful Masai Giraffes, Nocturnal Bat-eared Foxes, Exquisite Elands, Oafish Ostriches, and Mischievous Blue & Vervet monkeys! Offering unforgettable direct interactions with a variety of free-roaming wild animals.


      Rates for Day Tour



      Day tour; Entry fee for adult they pay 100,000/= per person

      -Kids below 4years they are free

      -Kids from age 4 upto 12years they pay

      30,000/= per kid

      -Transportation go and return we charge 150 USD per group, maximum 6 pax



      For foreigners

      -Entry fee 200 Dollar per person adults,

      - 100 Dollars per kid from age 4 up to 12 years

      - Kids below 4 years are free.

      - Private transpiration go and return we charge 150 USD per group, maximum 6 pax


      Kindly email us or Whatsapp us and ask for the Itinerary and quote


      Thanks and see you soon



      optional add-on:

      Explorer Bush Walk

      experience an adventurous walk


      If you wish to experience an adventurous walk through the Tanzanian bushes, spotting various birds and patiently waiting for the monkeys/baboons, you’ll enjoy your time at the explorer-bush-walk.

      We’ll meet our local guide at a native village. It is situated next to a river and a wide bushland, which is only crossed time to time by the people working in the nearby fields. This environment provides perfect conditions for a variety of birds and monkeys. Our tour will take you on unspoiled paths along the river, you’ll need to prove your balance-skills while crossing swampy areas by walking over roots and duck under the canopy of leaves. If the monkeys feel undisturbed and with some luck you will spot baboons, blue monkeys and more. Definitely you’ll know that they are there, when the trees around you are shaking by their artistic tricks.

      This unique place is not known much, so please be prepared for the real bush adventure, but for sure this will be a very pristine experience of nature, away from other touristic infrastructure.


      As you already guessed it by tour description, it is absolutely recommended to wear robust shoes with socks, long trouser and T-Shirt at least. Applying mosquito repellents is most advised and please don’t mind, if your cloth are getting a little dirty.


      Prices: upon request, depend on other booked program



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      * Materuni Waterfall and Coffee Tour

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      *Cooking Class


      *Village Experience

      *Long Hike

      * Chagga Food


      *Maasai Village Visit

      *Kilimanjaro Day Trip

      *Kibosho Church

      *Coffee Farm

      *Banana Farm

      *Kilimanjaro Animal C.R.E.W

      *Rescued Animals in Moshi/ Kilimanjaro

      *Machame, Marangu, Makoa farm

      *Horseback safaris

      *Kilimanjaro Airport



      *Mount Kilimanjaro


      *Village Tour


      *Cultural Tourism


      optional add-on:

      Rau Forest

      welcome to the green escape

      nearby Moshi

      We will pick you up at your hotel in Moshi according to the agreed time and will have a quick ride to Rau Forest entry gate. During the (from time to time bumpy) ride, you’ll see schools and local village life in the streets we are passing.

      After entering the forest you’ll immediately recognize the different atmosphere of green surrounding and sounds of animal – very nice alternative from Moshi town. On our ~2-3 hour walk we’ll see different kinds of birds and several butterfly species. If we are lucky, some blue monkeys and/or black-and-white Colobus monkeys can be spotted, too. Your guide will tell you details of flora and fauna around you. Milicia excels, Acacia, various flowers, ficus trees and different palms are just few examples of the variety which is found there. You are also going to enjoy the view of rice plantations and, if clouds allow, get to see Mount Kilimanjaro.

      We welcome you to an authentic Tanzanian forest reserve in which you’ll recover from town noise and also get closer to nature.


      The walk is flat and not difficult, but still - as you already guessed it by tour description - it is recommended to wear closed shoes and applying mosquito repellents is advised.


      Prices: upon request, depend on other booked program




      Some few SEO words

      *Rau Forest

      *Flora and Fauna

      *Paddy Farms

      *Nature Exploration

      * Butterflies

      *Forest Reserve

      *Green environment

      *Moshi Day Tour

      *Kilimanjaro Day Hike

      *Local People Visit

      *Chagga Caves

      *Marangu Waterfalls

      *Kikuletwa Hotspring

      *Local Banana Bear

      *Banana soup, Mtori



      *Moshi Town Tour

      *Town Tour



      *One pig Project



      *Tour Operators


      *Chagga Houses



      *Chagga dance



      optional add-on / separate tour:

      Moshi Tour

      get to know our town better


      You will meet your English-speaking guide at TCCC Ltd. (Tanganyika Coffee Curing Company), Moshi. TCCC Ltd. Building is hosting a huge coffee manufactory, which is not in operation anymore but is still an impressive relict of that time.

      The railway station, which was closed in 1994, was re-opened at 7th December 2019 due to improvement of the circumstances in this region. We’re going to visit this station, the recently renovated buildings and learn about the function / purpose of it. For sure you’ll have the chance to take a picture in front of the famous Moshi-sign for your memories.

      We’ll continue our walk on the railway line (only one train per day in the early morning – so no worries!) accompanied by many locals which are on their way to/from work, market or school. Our destination is the Mbuyuni Market: a fresh product market on which you’ll experience how locals sell/buy their daily food and also observe regional specialties. You’ll find yourself surrounded by locals who are shopping tropical fruits that are produced in Kilimanjaro region and also some from outside, e.g. pineapple, watermelon, organs or avocado. We’ll walk slowly to ensure that you can enjoy this important piece of local peoples life and your guide will be happy to answer any question you might have (we’ll find some vegetables or similar that is totally new for you, promise!).

      After 1.5 – 2 hours we’ll finish our tour and from our experience our clients appreciate to be dropped at “Union Coffee”, where they can have a cup of coffee, some soda or also a snack after the walk.


      In case you are especially interested in a place / part of Moshi which is not captured within the above described tour (e.g. souvenir shopping place) and/or want to be dropped somewhere else (e.g. hotel), just let us know – this tour is flexible and we are happy to do our best to create your unique and personalized Moshi experience. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it as we know Moshi by heart and can also support with recommendations.


      We’re very much looking forward to welcome you – karibu!



      Items included are

      • Professional English-Speaking Guide
      • Pick Up and Drop Off by foot on agreed places


      Prices: upon request based on route, time and group-size.

      Unique optional add-on service :


      See the other side of Tanzania

      Meal at a family home offers you a chance to enjoy a savory lunch or dinner with one of the Moshi area families depending on your choice and time. There are families in the village and others in Moshi town. They all have a passion for sharing with you not only the traditional African food but also their interesting life stories. You will have a chance to see how the ingredients are prepared from the early stage of food cooking and join the cooking process when possible. It can be a lunch or dinner based on your choice


      Items included are

      • English-Speaking Host 
      • Pick Up and Drop Off by foot or Taxi on agreed places
      • Meal and Bottled Drinking water 

      Prices: upon request based on the group-size.

    • Stay at Mama Agnes Home


      Village accomodation at Materuni

      Mama Agnes Home was found by Elisante Shirima and Consolata Lulu to welcome the visitors of Materuni village. It is the only guest accommodation at Materuni village and therefore the perfect place to experience local lifestyle as well as visit the beautiful surroundings. Elisante and Consolata are dedicated to make you feel at home during your stay. The home is surrounded by nature, between banana trees and coffee trees. While staying at Mama Agnes Home, you can experience sunrise on the Kilimanjaro, walks in the village as well as hiking in the rainforest. This is the perfect stay if you want to experience local lifestyle!


      Double rooms and single rooms are available. We can accommodate maximum of 10 people but soon we are adding 4 rooms which will increase the number of people we are able to accommodate to 18 pax maximum per night.)

      We also offer additional services upon request, those serices are Materuni Waterfall hike (highest waterfall in Moshi), traditional cooking class, picnic lunch and coffee tour.


      Terms and conditions at Mama Agnes Home

      * Children below 12 years pay 50% of adult price

      * Children having their own room pay 75% of adult price

      * Special quote will be provided for more than two children in the group

      * Day room is 50% of the rate

      * Tour leader pays half price but when tour leader bring more than 5 people tour leader will stay for free

      * Money and electronics should be registered upon check in

      * No whisky, wine or champagne in our area, this can be brought by the guest or we can arrange for additional fee

      * No smoking in the rooms.


      The price per person on half board is 35 USD


      Included items are:

      • Bed and breakfast
      • Dinner (local and continental)
      • Free WiFi
      • Village walk to the view points
      • Cooking class (if interested)
      • Coffee and tea
      • Bottled drinking water

      Not Included Items are:

      • Alcohol
      • Transportation go and return
      • Souvenirs
      • Insurance 
      • Tips for the team 
      • Laundry service  

      For bookings kindly contact is through the below channels

      Phone number +255752191326 /+255759410470

      Email – info@materuni.com

      Website – www.materuni.com

      Thank you

    • Charity

      Charity, Children sponsoring & Volunteering is managed via Tunajali Tanzania - it is a locally registered charitable organization and is a co-operation which promotes as well our vision of a responsible way to visit natural areas by protecting the environment and improving the well-being of the local people. More Information about our Charity kindly check on this website https://www.tunajali-tanzania.com

    • FAQs

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is transportation cost included in the above tour offers?

      This depends on the tour you choose. Please read the descriptions carefully and if you have any questions, we are happy to inform you about any total cost. Just contact us via the contact form below.

      How difficult is the Hike to Materuni Falls?

      The hike is of average difficulty, but it is recommended that you have some experience with hiking or athletic endeavors. This is a good hike for acclimatization and is beneficial for hikers going to climb Kilimanjaro.

      When does the tour start and finish?

      We normally start our Full Day Tours (e.g. Materuni Waterfall & Coffee) at 9:00 am from Moshi town and finish around 5:00 pm.
      Half-Day Tours start at an agreed time and finishes at an agreed time; please plan for 4 to 5 hours of tour time.

      How much should I tip a local guide?

      You may tip whatever amount you are comfortable with; however, the most common tip amount per guide is $5 to $10 per group depending on size.

      When to make payments?

      We prefer to be paid in cash on the day of your visit.

      What currency do you accept?

      We accept both TZS and USD. Our business rate of exchange is 2280 TZS/USD.

      Can accommodate vegetarians?

      Yes, just tell us your food preferences upon contact.

      Do you host volunteers ?

      Yes, volunteering is managed via Tunajali Tanzania - it is a locally registered charitable tour organization and is a co-operation which promotes as well our vision of a responsible way to visit natural areas by protecting the environment and improving the well-being of the local people. For more details, please visit & contact us via https://www.tunajali-tanzania.com/our-projects .

      We will be very happy to send you a personalized program (areas of volunteering are e.g. education, agriculture, health, sports and environment).

      Do you accept donation ?

      Yes, we accept donation and this can be schools materials, second cloths and shoes, sponsor a child at the village.

      Charity and Donations are managed via Tunajali Tanzania - it is a locally registered charitable tour organization and is a co-operation which promotes as well our vision of a responsible way to visit natural areas by protecting the environment and improving the well-being of the local people. For more details, please visit & contact us via https://www.tunajali-tanzania.com/our-projects .

    • Contact Us

      Come and experience authentic culture of Chagga people on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

      Materuni Village.
      P.0.Box 930, Moshi, Kilimanjaro Tanzania
      East Africa
      8.00 am - 7.00 pm
      WhatsApp +255752191326 OR +255759410470